Causes of Water Damage to Commercial Property

The typical suspects, appliances (water heaters, refrigerators, and ac components ), clogged or ceased up drains and pipes and damaged roofs may cause significant damage to your commercial property as well as prevent business operations.

The Statistics

  • 14,000 men and women in the U.S. encounter a crisis from water problems in your home or work daily
  • 250 Gallons can leak out of a 1/8 inch pipe crack in one day.
  • Average price to Repair damage from faulty pipes: $17,250
  • Typical Price of a water insurance claim: $6,969
  • Water accounts for over 20 percent of all reported home reduction
  • 93 percent of damage from water may have been averted

The Probable Prices

  • Based on how the damage happened, the damages might not be covered by your own insurance.
  • Damage from flooding isn’t insured by private insurance, so businesses must buy their own flood coverage in the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Even that doesn’t cover,
  • Fiscal losses due to disturbance of the business
  • Damage to items out the construction like decks, landscaping, walls, swimming pools, hot tubs
  • Valuable items like money, precious metals, or stock certificates.
  • Fixing and repairs of furniture, equipment, sales, production, significant files
  • Mold removal when water has been abandoned untreated for overly long
  • Health risks for workers.

Damage Prevention

  • Possessing a plumber inspect and keep your water heater on a normal basis
  • fix hoses any and all appliances in the first indication of wear and tear — until the manufacturer’s proposed timetable
  • Pay attention to the bathrooms. Be certain they’re flushing correctly and refilling.
  • Make certain everyone knows how to switch off the water source in the event of a surprise leak
  • scout out for noisy pipes or search for signs of moisture or rust on the walls or flooring — that may mean there’s an problem with all the pipes.
  • Raise all computers and electronics off the ground.
  • Move valuables and electronics into a safe location
  • Contact your insurance company ASAP.
  • Shoot image and video of this damage
  • Make sensible repairs to guard against additional damage.