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Water Damage

An unexpected occurence in your home or place of business. It might be due to a broken pipe, a washing machine leak, faulty sprinklers, sink overflow, sump pump back up, or that rain from an open window. It's a pain to have your floors like carpet, tiles,hardwood or even a concrete floor flooded or soaking wet. Overnight it will have that musty odor as well as wicking in the walls and in 72 hours mold will start to grow. It's an occurence not to be neglected. Call us immediately and we will take care of your property problem with our trained staff and industry standard knowledge.

Our process is simple and precise when we get an emergency call

  • Response time is 1 hour or less depending on the location and traffic
  • Inspection, assesment, and documentation of the damage
  • Extraction, drying and dehumidification with removal of baseboards, dry wall if necessary
  • We will provide you or your insurance a daily moisture, humidity level readings
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • If there are repairs necessary we will send our designated contractors to complete the process

  • Fire and Smoke Damage

    Fire damage to any home is devastating and working a fire clean up is a complex scenario. In addition to fire damage there is water damage as well with smoke and its odor throughout the whole property. It is very crucial that the clean up process start immediately to ensure that odor, discoloration do not spread throughout the house such as clothing, upholstery, furnitures or draperies. In addition to the smoke odor, particles can easily find their way throughout the propery, making their way to doors, ducts and vents, entering HVAC system, and getting into the tiniest cracks or crevices. In this way, the fire damage can spread to areas of the house that weren’t even part of the fire.

    Our Trained and Certified Staff are available 24/7

  • Our company will assure you that your home is structurally sound
  • Inspection, assesment, and documentation of the damage
  • Content inventory, packing, storage
  • Smoke, soot, odor removal with our state of the art dehumidification and ozone treatment
  • Contents cleaning and sanitizing by our trained technicians
  • If there are repairs necessary we will send our designated contractors to complete the reconstruction

  • Note : Personal effects, valuables, jewelries, and other important documents are advised to be placed in a secured place or better a bank safety deposit box while reconstruction is taking place for the benefit of all concerned parties

    Mold and Mildew Remediation

    Mold remediation requires a delicate process. It is better always to consult a professional for this kind of job. Our company will asses the problem and isolate the contaminated area as soon as possible to prevent further damage or contamination to the property. Once our assesment is complete we will then submit an on site report before we proceed for remediation and clean up. If needed we will advice our Industrial Hygienist for an inspection or mold testing and sampling.